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Why some Questions can pose a problem for a tarot reader

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Questions such as: Will My Lover Leave His Partner?  Does My Ex Hate Me?  When Will I or someone else Die? Will I or someone be cured? Should I take a Job? Am I going to win the lottery? When will I get Married? Will I win a court case? What date can I expect this to happen?


Questions about another person’s life that is not directly related to you. This brings up issues around privacy and accuracy. Privacy because you are delving into someone else’s private life and using the Tarot cards without their permission.


Often when we are in pain or a loved one is in pain our emotions can be very raw and hard to deal with. Questions around someone elses health, emotions and challenges can lead to a focus on the wrong type of questions being asked.

In these situations focus your question in phrases such as:

· “what can I do to support..

· “What can I do to help?”

· “How can I help improve the situation…etc”

your loved one through this difficult time and maximise the chances of recovery, foster understanding. I believe you will get a more rounded answer which will be for the benefit of all.


“Should I…Will I…Must I..When will it…” type of question are often posed when one is uncertain, one has no clarity or sense of direction or one is just hoping and wishing. Firstly, we all have free will. We know that the universe dishes out a portion of Luck which is not for all at the same time in the same place. So we need to take responsibility and accountability for our own life and our own decisions.

So focus your question in phrase such as:

· “What is the impact/pros and cons if I take this path?” or

· “What can I expect if I do XYZ?”

· “How can I improve my income”

That way, you are still making the decision, not the Tarot cards, and you're focused after the reading on how you can manifest your dream.


It goes without saying. Tarot reader are not financial or Legal Experts. That is not to say that there are no Tarot readers who do legal and financial as their professional career.

However Tarot readers have to be cautious when asked questions about health, legal and finance.

I advise that you seek the proper specialists to help you in this area. However questions such as

· “Do you see my finances improving?”

· “How can I better manage this situation”

The Tarot and Spirit can often come up with recommendations or suggestions that we would not of otherwise thought of.

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