Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Healing earth tarot
Archangel gabriel

Long before the written word, there was pictures, symbols and colour. All was used to communicate a feeling, record information, beautify something or stimulate an action.


Archangels come to us with much love, acceptance, understanding and deep compassion. They work for the highest spirit (God), provide the highest good, and will lay out options for us to choose – always making sure they obey the universal law of freewill. Meaning, they only want to empower you and will leave choice up to you. They are never forceful or pushy, they always encourage and support us.

Healing earth tarot
Archangels can help when your lost
You will notice that most of the Archangels’ names end with “el” – which means “of God”.


A lot of mediums work with Archangels, but not all. If you want to start working with them then the following descriptions might help explain their messages.

TAROT CARDS: So which Archangels are associate with which major arcanas of the tarot and what message do they bring.

15 Archangels

Archangel Ariel – Lioness of God

One of my favorite Archangels, she has helped me with my own feminine strengths. As the Lioness of God, she works mostly with nature and animals.

She is known for being the guardian and healer of animals. Some call upon her when communicating with animals or with nature in general.

Her energy is powerful yet gentle. I find her words very direct and authoritative. She inspires growth and encourages people to live to their full potential. I like to call upon her when I need help finding my own courage and confidence, or when I am giving a reading for someone who needs to build their inner strengths.

Tarot Card(s): Strength

Archangel Azrael – Whom God Helps

He is described as the Angel of Death, but this is a good thing. He comforts families and friends whose loved one passed. For the passing, he helps them to the light. He offers a lot of compassion and wisdom, and is here to also remind us that we have much to live for even after death.

His energy is calm, comforting, patient and understanding. His words are softly spoken. You can call on him for medium sessions, or if you need help after you’ve lost a loved one. Usually, he will bring both the spirit and the living relative/friend to a medium that will be the bridge of closure.

Tarot Card(s): Death

Archangel Chamuel – He Who Sees God

Chamuel embodies God’s love and compassion for people and for the world in general. He helps us find love and compassion in ourselves, which helps us attract more positivity in our environment. He is also known for helping us raise our intuition and vibrations, helping us receive or channel messages from God or higher spirits.

His energy is tender and sympathetic. It is said that you can call upon him if you are looking for new relationships (doesn’t have to be romantic). It is his highest duty to help us find the right people in our life journey. He can also protect us from people who wish to do us harm, removing them from our mental, emotional, and even physical space.

Tarot Card(s): Lovers

Archangel Gabriel – Strength of God

Gabriel is my own personal guardian angel, so I have a strong love for all that she is. She is widely known as the communicator of God in multiple ways: writing, art, music, verbal expression, emotional expression, and just communication of any kind.

Her ultimate gift is to pass messages from God.

Her energy is elegant and uplifting. Her words are always positive, encouraging and intelligent. She communicates with the intent of change and growth. She is obedient to God, passing only the messages one needs to progress in life. You can call upon her when you need help understanding, accepting, and passing messages – especially from the human realm to the spiritual realm.

Tarot Card(s): The Magician and Judgement

Archangel Haniel – Grace of God

As one of my earliest tutors, Haniel empowers spiritual practitioners with the gift of heightened intuition, receptivity, and self-awareness in divination. She is known for guiding those who seek to develop their psychic abilities, spiritual talents, and even healing arts.

Her energy is graceful, soothing, and patient. She speaks with such high thought and understanding, it would be hard to miss her words of wisdom and knowledge. You can call on her when you need help learning divination, or if you need help expanding your intuition and psychic abilities.

Tarot Card(s): The High Priestess and The Moon

Archangel Jeremiel – Mercy of God

Sometimes referred to as the Angel of Hope, he is one of the Archangels who help people pass over to the spiritual realm. He helps souls review their life on earth, and helps people learn from their mistakes. He can also boost our prophetic dreams and visions, helping people see what they cannot see in their waking life.

His energy is of compassion and mercy for obvious reasons. He does not pass judgement, yet he will be brutally honest in any decision made. He helps you see the “light” of the situation. You can call on him if you need help understanding where you went wrong or what you can do resolve a situation.

Tarot Card(s): The Hanged Man and the Devil

Archangel Jophiel – Beauty of God

Jophiel helps us when we feel the most insecure. She provides and instills beauty in our souls, never focusing on physical beauty. She inspires people to search deep within themselves, helping us gain the confidence we need to feel and express beauty from the heart. She can also help us see the beauty in others and in our environment, helping us to appreciate and be grateful of what we have.

Her energy is warm, inviting, and elegant.

She speaks softly and only says short phrases to build your self-esteem. She is always reminding people who they are inside and what they can become in a positive way. You can call on her if you want to develop your soul in a positive way.

Tarot Card(s): Temperance and The Stars

Archangel Metatron – Highest of Angels (twin)

One of the two twins who were once human, but ascended into Angels. He is often connected with the Book of Life, recording everything that happens on earth. He helps with those who are stressed, or those who need focus, motivation, discipline and organization in their lives. He’s also known to help those who are starting a new project and need help with management.

His energy is more human than any other angel. Because he was once human, he is more understanding of how humans work with one another. He also offers more human advice, often being direct and analytical. You can call on him when you need help with your goals, or if you need help managing your personal/work life.

Tarot Card(s): The Fool

Archangel Michael – He Who is Like God

Who doesn’t know Michael? Lol. He is called upon frequently, especially when it comes to spiritual protection and cleansings. He is everyone’s favorite bodyguard, possessing great strength, power and courage. He helps with our life’s purpose, and he can even elevate our psychic vibrations and inner powers. He can also help us with clearing out any negative energies or removing earthbounds from our personal space (work and home).

His energy is masculine and grand. I find that he takes up a lot of space in a room when he’s around, shielding me with powerful light. He doesn’t seem to talk too much, but when he does he’s very short and direct. You can call on him for protection when you’re feeling scared, sense any dark energies, and would like him to clear your personal space or property.

Tarot Card(s): The Emperor and The World

Archangel Raguel – Friend of God

Often referred to as the Angel of Justice, he helps us with truth and honesty in ourselves and in others. He is the mediator in challenging situations, especially if we have problems with another person. He helps us restore balance and peace in our direct environment, and he can also help resolve issues that cause us stress. He is also known to help in legal matters.

His energy embodies logic and unbiasedness. He sees situations as they stand and offers realistic and achievable solutions. You can call on him when you need a resolution in your life, especially when the intensity between you and another person/situation is high.

Tarot Card(s): Justice and The Tower